Have you seen athletic fields, such as a golf course or football field where the turf seemed to be decaying or unhealthy? Those kinds of conditions can make athletic fields unpleasant to use and it damages the long-term health of the turf. The landscaping experts at STO Landscape knows what it takes to revive and sustain turf on your athletic field.Removing small cores of soil from your turf reduces soil compaction and promotes root growth for healthier grass. Without some form of aerification, it can be difficult for your sports field to survive because of soil compaction, especially in dry conditions. Thatch buildup is another problem that core aerification will help alleviate.

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STO landscape is dedicated to providing you the highest quality service for your athletic field in South Florida. As the top sports field aerification service company, we aim to produce the best results for your sports field. Aerification is an important aspect to sustain and promote a healthy field. Otherwise, the look and use of the field will deteriorate. At STO Landscape, we specialize in maintaining and growing landscape to give you the highest quality athletic field.

What is Aerification?

Aerification is a treatment for landscape that allows growing room for grass roots and keeps turf grass healthy. Essentially, aerification frees up the ground so water and oxygen can reach grass at the root level to promote new growth. This is important because it allows turf to grow in areas of heavy activity.

Why do I Need to Aerify My Turf?

As athletic fields are used, the groundwork becomes tougher to play on. The compression from use closes gaps in the soil where oxygen and water would normally flow. The closed gaps make it difficult for the turf to grow and survive. Aerification loosens the soil impacted by use. Loosening the soil allows increased oxygen and water flow to grass roots. The roots, in turn, grow deeper and creates healthier turf. Additionally, thatch buildup is alleviated with aerification.

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The Aerification Process

Have you ever seen a golf course with a pattern of holes on the ground? That soil is being aerified. To aerify a field, machinery either punches or spikes holes in a pattern. The punctured pattern allows the soil to receive water and oxygen easier, so new roots grow. The holes are left with sand as a part of the top dressing process. Athletic fields are then allowed to grow, and the holes gradually disappear during watering.

Aerification That Can’t Be Beat

At STO Landscape, we understand the ins and outs of athletic fields. Our landscaping experts have the knowledge and expertise to provide your field the services it needs. From start to finish, we’ll ensure the aerification process runs smoothly and creates the desired result. No matter if you have a sports complex or a neighborhood park that needs aerification, we are the company that handles all types of landscape. For more information, please give us a call at 561-369-7794 to get a quote today.